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Why Hillside Painters?

Hillside Painters complete your project professionally and clean neatly.


Your house is more than just a property, it is a central part of your life, which is why finding the right painting service is so important.

At Hillside Painters, we understand that connection, and use all of our experience and skill to provide a painting services that exceeds your expectations. A local company you can rely on, we are part of the community, our service is not just about the results, but through timely, clear communication and always fulfilling our promises, it’s a service you can trust.

That trust gives you peace of mind when starting a new project for your treasured home.


Our comprehensive service means we patch all holes and cracks, scrape away old loose paint, scuff-sand any areas that need it, and prime to ensure a long-lasting, smooth and beautiful finish. We take care of your property at every step, covering all areas that need protection. We always treat your home with the care you expect and deserve.

Hillside Painters provide color advice and other guidance for your home, taking the time to discuss color, texture and material choices and the whole process of the work with you, ensuring the end result is your dream made real.

Our highly experienced and skilled crew partner with the specialties needed at every stage of the project to ensure the finest workmanship and finish for your home.


We deliver projects quickly, with minimum disruption and comprehensive clean up, resulting in an exceptional finish every time.

Hillside Painters blend local experience with world class service, using the highest quality materials and skilled painters to deliver outstanding results for your project, on time and in budget.

Call or use the online form today to get in touch and discuss your painting needs. Enjoy the Hillside Painting difference for yourself.

Hillside Painters

Hillside painters (Hillside Painting Co. Llc) are a locally owned and operated company that values honesty and integrity, and stands behind our work.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, as well as our commitment to outstanding results.

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